Monday, July 20, 2015

Aidilfitri 2015

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My raya leave is about to end and I feel the laziness to back to reality as a career woman.. ceh!

Quite lost with the ramadhan and eidulfitri. As i'm still looking what is the madrasah I got from past ramadhan. When I did hope to get better me, with more sabr, calm n cool. Do I achieve it?

Same goes for raya. Hoped to have a memorable festive. Yet to feel it. Maybe raya is incomplete as there is no complete raya family photo? Well, a younger sis' turn was at her in law side. When she and her husband reached kota bharu, my another sis had to fly to her in law. Hahaha. Ikut turn yang tak selari macam ni, memang akan susah nak ada family potret macam dulu.

Also, there was no norm of bakar sate on malam raya at my grandparent's house. This year, semua beli siap. Sate pon tempah yang ready grilled, tunggu nak ngap sajo. When no acara bakar sate, no also bunga api. Huhugu

So here the family photo during 1st day of eid, without Ani and her Danish.

Raya in kota bharu also quite hambar. We decided no open house as usual. Just prepared simple food for the guests. Iols tunjuk skill memasak yang suam-suam kuku ni. Planned to cook macaroni soup. Its not rare. So my sis proposed to have a different soup. So, tadaaaa

My so-called pasta with creamy soup yang di-melayukan. Because the pasta with heavy gravy is quite un-acceptable here. So I decided to transform the gravy to be soup. My uncle said, tambah asam limau and put the chillie it would become mee soup. Hahaha.. whatever they called it, as long uolls could eat happily! =p

Thanks for visiting us, dearie family members!

And thanks for having us too!

Satu kelainan for raya this year, I visited my long lost primary school buddy.. kikiki. Memang di-anjing-anjingkan (kesian, anjing dapat nama). Every year diajak ke open house rumah saim-saim dan every year jugak la I gave them excuse. Alhamdulillah, this year was a chance. Kudos to all!

I wish uoll muslims, happy eid mubarak. Seek for uoll's forgiveness on my wrongdoings, inperfection and khilaf.. Taqobbalallahu minna wa minkum.

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