Sunday, December 27, 2015

A lifetime experience (may be)

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Would be my first and last experience attending punjabi's wedding. I have few punjabi friends, but this one is different. A closer one, who i knew her first in kertih as an officemate.

I appreciate her presence since she always sincere in what she did, spoke and even marah. Yeh, die marah dengn penuh emosi dan jujur. I think, there is a chemistry between us two since i am also the one that is very jujur. Whatever i say, my facial expression, etc. Then, our friendship is growing...

When i could smell her relationship with one of my users, i directly asked her. Surprisingly, she introduced him as her brother. Yeah, i remember, it was during petronas east coast netball match. And later, no more hidden story.. kikiki.

When i knew she's getting married, i was like in denial. Hahahaha. She is a naughty princess. Who randomly speak and act. Who honestly condemn and conplaint. Who sincerely compliment and praise. Who emotionally mad and scold. Who would like to company me having dinner. Who helped me alot, alot and alot in english, as well as doing office matters.

I thank you for all the events invitation. Not all ur friend and family received all these 4. I am one of the luckiest. Wink!

My learning process and journey with Sangeet. It was not the first event in punjabi's wedding coz if i'm not mistaken, there was also mandi kunyit. Anyway, sangeet give me rush adrenaline. It was a fmily gathering, together with bride-to-be's close friends. There were songs sang by her family, i think to bless her wedding, saying they are happy. Also a 'hindustani' performance, live! Super cool dancing by her and friends, as well as family.
I would like to thank the mother and uncle, who welcomed us happily. Mdm Harjinder (Kav's mom) siap salam and gave us hug and kiss lagi. Mereka macam risau if we were uncomfortable. Hehehe maybe because we were minority(muslims) at that night, so they tried as much as they could to make us enjoyable. so nice of them, and they successfully did it. We enjoyed the sangeet very much!

The officemates at Kavita's sangeet

The performance by Kavita and her cousins.

2 days after sangeet, there was Anand karaj. It was a wedding ceremony for punjabi, held at Gurdwara (temple). The breakfast was provided. No worries, the food were halal since all were vege. I heard, even utensils/steels cannot touch the meat.

We did have super nice samosa and another kuih like jemput2. Also there were bihun goreng, capati and few very sweet kuih-muih punjabi. Nice experience! Rasa macam jalan2 cari makan. Rasa macam foreigner. And again during the breakfast, the same uncle entertained us. Omg, very kind-hearted. And we also met Kav's cousin, who flew from Ausie just for her wedding. She's the one in green (in pic above).

After having breakfast, we went upstairs to witness the anand karaj of balvinder & kavita. Before that, kav's cousin had told us there would be a food (actually manisan) prepared upstairs. The manisan served is after the prayer made. Ada baca2 prayer punjabi laaa to that food. So, it's ok if we wanted to try or we did not want to.. tq sepupu kavita for the guide!

The anand karaj made me feeling excited. Lebih kurang akad nikah laa for muslim. I was greatful to witness it. I learned a lot. Many2 new knowledge i gained, which is soooo expensive.

The pengantin and audience akan dengar khutbah nikah or maybe nasihat perkahwinan (lebih kurang laa). Then the father of groom will pakaikan the rantai to them. After that, they both needed to make 4 pusingan, keliling the kitab. (The kitab was located on the white table). It was a symbolic as saying 'I do' to the marriage.

I thanked kavita's family who sat next to me. When i told her that was my first time attending punjabi's wedding, she did explain one by one. I asked her 1. She answered 10. Nice kan?!

I wish u both a happy married life.

Us, at their anand karaj

This is after they are religiously announced as husband n wife. An event which the tetamu akan salam2 with the bride and mom. While, kavita and i, as alwayssss, kat mana2 pon kepochi n gossip!

Well, alhamdulillah for this. Valuable and pricesless experiences. It is a learning process....

Saturday, November 7, 2015

P/S : I love U

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Eksaited bile jumpe Wicklow coz this is the place where they filmed P/S: I Love Y0u.. yo yo yo eksaited kegembiraan tahap ape.

actually, we drove the rental car to round the Republic of Ireland. From Dublin County, start with Kerry County, to Galway and last to Belfast County.
On the way to Kerry, kami melalui jalan kampung yang kecil dan tidak bertol untuk nak jimat duit. Untuk merentasi Wicklow Mountain Park adalah sebahagian dari plan namun tak sangka it was so OMG!!

Subhanallah, along the way in Wicklow, the view was magnificient. Marvellous. Magic. Even picture can't tell you. Coz scinery yang jujur lagi tulus adalah dari mata sendiri. The eyes given by Him, the view sangat laaaa indah bile terpampang depan mata.

Just drove the car for about one and half hour at Wicklow Mountain Park to only have good ambience.. it's worth for those yang suke tengok alam. Tapi, kene tahan pening sikit la sebab jalan die a bit bengkang-bengkok especially the passangers who had to sit at the back.

Kami stop lunch pon, pemandangan masih lagi cantik. Kiri kanan adalah gunung. Hijau. Dan ada sebatang sungai mengalir. Subhanallah memang cantik...

Nasi goreng Brahim yang kami dah panaskan pepagi buta lagi. Ditambah perisa dengan ikan masin kriuk-kriuk dari Dapur Ibu. Alhamdulillah, kenyang. Suhu time ni quite sejuk. Dalam 12°C...

Dah elok makan, kami pi visit tinggalan bangunan lama. Tak pasti itu adalah castle atau kubu. Tapi, memang tinggalan batu-bata je ada.

stamina kaki dan daya ketahanan pernafasan diperlukan untuk ke sana. Sebab kene mendaki sket. Kikikiki.

Wicklow, the unexpected journey as I experienced a magical moment. Wicklow, the romantic place when I personally felt Allah itu dekat.
Aturan Allah itu adalah terbaik.

Dublin yang nyaman

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Hari tu, sampai kat Dublin dah lambat dah, around 12 tengah malam. Lepas checked in hotel memang semuanya berlarian nak mandi, solat and tido. After 20hours tak rest dengan selesa. Ye la, duk atas flight je dah berapa lama kan. perjalanan from KL to London took us about 13 hours naik MAS, non-stop. Tambah lagi 2 hours from London to Dublin by Ryanair. Kat Dublin, we stayed di Hotel Ibis.. dekat dengan bus stop, so senang nak gerak gi mana2.

just enough stay for 1 day je untuk round bandar Dublin ni. Memang kitorang just jejalan and pusing2 bandar Dublin sampai lebam.

Nak naik bas kat sini, either uoll beli kad die (macam touch n go malaysia) or they just will accept coints without balance.. sangat susah nak cari driver bus yang baik hati accepted notes.

The Spire, memang landmark Dublin

I like this green cafe and around the wall, memang penuh dengan poems n quotes.

Senibina kat sini cantik.. formerly church and now dibuka untuk public as tourist attraction.

Sesat, cari spot yang ada free wi-fi sebab nak cari jalan.. Dublin ni tak kedekut wi-fi. Ada je internet free. So, happy us!

This dublin bridge sangat famous. Tapi iols tak sempat study what was going on. And, tempat ni cantik bile spring.

Keep walking sampai penat....

Kat sini, beli souvenir dekat Carols. Banyak pilihan. Ada benda yang murah, and ada few items price kat tempat lain better.

Kami suke Carols sebab pilihan nye yang macam2. Tak susah nak cari kedai ni sebab sangat bersepah kat bandar Dublin.

From Bandar Dublin, we took a bus to Dublin Mosque. Untuk solat dan juga lunch. Kat Dublin Mosque ada kedai halal yang sediakan nasi beriyani sedap. Samada betul sedap, atau kami yang kebuloq. Hehehehe

Dublin, will be in memory...

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