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When I felt hopeless in a memorable journey

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My journey was not so nice. Went back to kertih from KL, it was a very dramatic journey. A very memorable experience.

Keluar rumah di puchong at 10.30 am and went pick my friend up at bukit jalil. Amd we went shopping at tesco extra. On the way back searching for highway, i hit a chinese guy's car. Taktaw how it happened coz its too fast. It was at a traffic lighta and i wasn't sure how could i press minyak. One reason was : not focus to driving. I was in a stressful as received 2 urgency matters from office. The engineers keep texting. And i was not focus to the front coz busy searching the correct road. Ya Allah, dugaan nya...

Alhamdulillah the victim was nice. I think he was more panic compared to me. He was like in silent mode for quite some time before out from his car. Hahahaha. Ok la, we settled outside without police report because that was what he wanted. We went ro workshop and the mechanic made estimation on the cost to repair his car. The workshop needed cash, credit card was not acceptable. Alhamdulillah. Luckily i had money in wallet. I paid him RM600 as per advised.

And the uncle (mechanic) estimated my car's cost about RM2k and will take about 2 days to repair. I was like to cry.. mana nak cekau duit. Lamanya nak tunggu,cuti dah nak habis??? I do have money in tabung haji tapi buku bank at home in kertih. Ya Allah... at that time felt hopeless gile. I called my brother-in-law in dengkil to inform him i was in car accident and looking for a workshop that can accept credit card.

I was super lucky as I had Mim. She was a great companion during the car accident on yesterday morning. Die yang relax kan i. Hahahaha.. i dah tersadai tepi dinding workshop, duduk bertenggek atas lantai. After quite some times, the uncle offered me to open the bonet kereta and nak check. Because i told them that we are heading to terengganu. May be the uncle tu tengok kami macam kesian gile kot, tu yang die baik hati. So he checked the car betul2kan sikit ape yang patut. When he told us that the car selamat untuk jalan jauh, just watch out the temperature, mim and i decided to continue journey. Alhamdulillah it went well.

Sampai di Muadzam, kami berhenti di Shell, top-up minyak. Ramai gile manusia. And i received a text from friends, saying that jalan muadzam tutup. I was like, oh really? I need to check first. So i called balai polis muadzam. Tak membantu langsung coz they did not know road to kuantan. If to KL, they could assist. The girl who pick up my call gave Balai Polis Kuantan. I called the balai few times tapi semua nya engaged! Ayoyoyo. I twitted JKR pahang to ask the road tapi lambat reply. When a friend ada cakap road to kuantan is selamat, kami redha and redah jek. It was 7.15 pm kot masa tu.

In between Muadzam and Tasik Chini, dugaan datang lagi... tayar kereta pecah! Mim dah panic and stress. So i knew, i had to be stronger. Tak boleh la if both of us down. Ada terfikir nak call police tapi mengingatkan a call minutes ago was not really helpful, i cancelled the plan..I made few calls and a call to a boss, Azli adalah yang paling bersinar.. wink! He would ask my friend yang dah head in front to make u-turn and helped us. Rasa terharu and guilty gile. I had to burden and trouble so many people in a day!

After waiting dalam ketakutan, finalky Syahmi and friend arrived. Ami (salmi) pon ada sama.! Ami came and hugged. Ami told us that another car was awaiting us at tasik chini. Faz and Awa were in the car. They will keep waiting us until us settled. Seriously masa tu nak nangis. Nangis mengenang nasib diri. Huahuahua.

Thhey struggled so much, dalam keadaan, tepi kiri kanan adalah hutan. After settle semua, dorang asked me not to drive. Ami would drive my car while they asked me to be in Syahmi's car to relax. Yer, memang aku betul2 relax. Sebab lepas tu terlena dalam kereta die until we reached RnR Kuantan. Kami stopped at RnR untuk solat.

A tragedy again when all of us found out the spare tyre pancit! Sume masa tu like krik krik krik. Taknak pk lagi. Jom solat dulu! After solat baru dorang decided nak tukar tayar, guna spare tyre kereta faz since she's using proton too. But,harapan tinggal harapan. Her spare tyre could not match with mine. Rasa down dah saat itu sebab menyusahkan ramai orang. Sobs....

We continued the journey nak cari petrol pump sbb nak cari pump angin. Found BP station tp mesin angin die not functioning. Maybe sebab kedai tu dah tutup. It was 10.40 pm masa tu. And then we keep went straight and found Shell. Alhamdulillah, Shell still open. Lepas isi angin tayar, kami teruskan perjalanan ke kertih.

I reached home at 1.30 am. It was wow!! 15 hours of adventorous journey. Serious mentally exhausted. I could not think. I need to sort myself back. Think what to do. This morning will be a busy morning to me. Phew....

May Allah ease everything. Di sebalik kesulitan ada kemudahan. Itu betul! Itu janji Allah pada kita! Ada ibrah di sebalik kejadian ni. My officemates were like surprised. My first time looked down and demoralize. Everyone was like speechless when i cried being hugged by one of them Pada mata mereka i'm tough and brave. . Tp bagi yang kenal, i am not. I'm just ego to show my weakness. Nanges pun dalam tandas or bawah meja. I,m noted Its a time for me to change, be down to earth. Wallahualam.

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