Monday, March 4, 2013

dream high, look forward

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as currently dekat office mereka banyak perkatakan about staff movement and staff restructuring.. dengan few new projects oil & gas business coming in, recruitment new staff is needed. and at the same time staff yang konon dikatakan senior have to move ke new department. yeah, project base needing experience and best people..

1 of close colleagues has moved to klcc. sudah hilang sorang peneman makan pagi and tengah hari. peneman berglak ketawa membahan kan orang... kami di kertih sedih.

and sekarang ni, bertambah sedih coz last week news ada lagi staff movement. this time they are going further. my 2 favourite managers and 1 close guy buddy are going to bintulu and kimanis. for covering bintulu operations and gas pipeline projects... sedih nye! sangat! alaa lepas ni dah xde nak bahan2 orang. dah kurang tempat mengadu. dah kurang teman bergewdix.. sobs.. oh when thinking the 3 of them, seriously sedih..

this moment shall be one of kenangan working woth u, hanis jamil

the head reminded us.. 2 years being in this organization is not considered new.. have to prepare for new projects and operation offices coming in. we do have more projects in sabah srawak, also in johor.. for me, im a baby here! not yet ready to contribute to something bigger.

tapi, thinking hard this is a develop ur career. this is the place to enhance ur experience. be in supply chain fields, u can learn more dengan syarat, dare to take risk. its wow when u can know about chopper even though u are not from technical background.

the sweetest note i ever received from mr. syah.. best bos and buddy.

so guys, what is coming , accept it dengan hati terbuka and mata yang luas. the risk is therr especially when u r involving in project. its either berjaya or gagal. but once its done, u guys can proud of urself coz u are part of the ground team.. it likes to build pelantar minyak. hard. stressful. scarry. tapi bile dah naik, its gonna be wow!

mr. wan, the best boss i experienced. treating us nicely. be a father to staffs.

mr wan, mr syah, mr hanis and puan to be syahida, i wish u all the best. selamat ber khidmat and hopefully u guys are coming back to kertih. seriously, sincerely: im gonna miss u all four as im missing ili.

~im looking for gambar ida in my phone, tapi mcam takde jek. huhu..

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