Sunday, February 27, 2011

My 14 Minutes survey

Cerita Hati Cik Bee Dicoret Pada Sunday, February 27, 2011
eh eh.. tak sangka kena tag dengan arisyah syazni
layan sajaa

Instruction : Once you are tagged , answer all the question honestly. No lying or cheating ok?

~nak cek ah betul tak just 14 minutes. hahahha

Starting time: 7.53 pm
Name : Nabihah Binti Mazlan
Brother(S) : 4

Eye colour : dark brown

Shoe Size :4

Hair : black? 
Piercing : 

Height :150 cm kot! rasenye da naek from 149.huhu
What are you wearing right now : t shirt, pants

Where do you live : rumah

Favourite Number : 5, 9
Favourite Drink : limau suam

Favourite month : march, december
Favourite Breakfast : roti telur.kot =D

Broken a bone :ermm tak penah. hampir.

Been In a police Car : absolutely not
Fallen for a friend : YES
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short time : yup

Swam In the ocean : tak!
Broken someone's Heart : ALWAYS
Cried when someone died : of course

Sat by the phone all the night waiting for someone call : tak

Saved E-mails : tak 

Been cheated : ada laa kan. takkan tade
Your room look a like : rite nok look like gudang baju

What is right beside you :kipas

What is the last thing you ate : tomyam

Who did you last tell : umi
Who was the last person you danced with : owh owh lupa! hahahaha tetibe teringat chicken dance dhiyauddin

What are you listening to right now : bunyi kimputer+bunyi kipas_bunyi tb
What did you do today : kemas umah+tengok tb+online+masak nasi+ziarah mak long and mak ngah

Are you the oldest : yup

Indoors or outdoors : bith


Talk to someone you like :  yes

.Kiss someone : tak lagi.. 
Sing : [agi td
Talk to an Ex : NO!
Miss someone? : absolutely i miss frens
Eat : banyak

You talked on the phone to : farhani my sis
Made you cry : ermmm ada la
You went to the mall with : tak hingat

Who cheered you up : people around me

Been to Mexico? :tak
Been to USA? : pon tak

Have a crush on someone : ye kot
What books are you reading right now : novel

Future kids name: nama-nama islam 

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : NO...!

What's under your bed : tade pape. debu mungkin
Favourite sports : netball
Favorite place : rumah
Who do you really hate : tade
Do you have a job :selalu

What time is it now:8.04
With however long it took you to complete this

ok dah.. tetube rasa muda belia semula.
dulu kala time zaman budak2 sekolah slalu je kene tag. hahahah (ye ke)
ok dah. wat esemen

1 Orang Terasa Hati:

topan on February 27, 2011 at 8:28 PM said...

hahahaha... ada lak tag macam nie ek.... baru taw... coz xpernah kena pun... huhhu


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